Inspection Equipment

GageMaker Mic Trac MT-3000

  • Accuracies to ±.0001” traceable to NIST
  • Resolution of .00005”
  • Range of thread and dimensional units

Mic Trac 3000

King Tester Brinell Hardness Unit w/ KingScan III Scope

  • Industry standard test unit w/ 6″ throat and 20″ spread
  • Scope read up to 800 point around indention
  • Kingscan reports:
    • BHN
    • Diameter of indention
    • Figure of Merit (the percentage of points that correspond to the diameter)
    • RND (the percentage of roundness of the impression)
    • All are recorded



Romer Portable Arm CMM

  • PC-DMIS software mated to six-axis 12 ft. arm.
  • Point repeatability +/- .0020 in. *
  • Length accuracy +/-.0027 in. *
* as published by OEM


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