Stephen W. Broussard, Operations Manager

Stephen W. Broussard

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Stephen is responsible for Outside Sales and is Superintendent of Production.  He has more than 34 years experience working as a Machinist, Leadsman, Supervisor and Operation  Manager.  He has Six Sigma Green Belt training.

Rody Barrilleaux, Machining Manager

Rody Barrilleaux

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Rody is responsible for the Manual and CNC machine shops and CNC programming.  He has more than 39 years experience working as a CNC Supervisor, Programmer, Operator and Machinist. Rody uses TEK-SOFT and GEO-PATH Software, and has completed CAD-CAM training.

Curtis “Latch” Latiolais, Sr., Welding Manager

Curtis “Latch” Latiolais, Sr.

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Latch is responsible for the Welding Shop. He has more than 34 years of experience working as a Welder and in Supervision of pressure vessels, gas compressors, generator packages and sub-sea components for deep-water applications.