About Us

Partner’s Vision

Unique Manufacturing & Services, LLC. will manufacture “Problem Parts” quickly and efficiently.  We are capable of machining, fabricating and cladding to our customer’s design on parts from commercial size part of a pound, about 1″ diameter, to 45,000 lbs weldments over 12 ft in diameter.  The owner’s experience, along with a quality-oriented staff, will produce the correct part, on schedule and defect-free by having complete control of the manufacturing process.

We quickly & efficiently make parts other just can’t deliver.



How did it start?

Unique Manufacturing & Services, LLC. is the outcome of the three partners’ experience and vision which created a company with a focus on customer service and satisfaction.  With their focus on servicing the needs of the marketplace and meeting the production demands of their customers, they have steadily gathered some impressive and UNIQUE equipment to machine, clad and fabricate to their customer’s design.  Some of that equipment is found nowhere else in the area.  Simply put, Unique Manufacturing prides itself on making parts others companies can’t deliver. To meet the partners who came together and developed this operation, click here.